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As one of the biggest manufacturer and seller of office consumables,ASC has build a complete R&D and testing laboratory.And own a professional R&D team to develop new products.We successfully launched our own brands”ASC””语印””艾斯克””aisk”etc.In 2019,our new technique of “Physical method of dey color and its method”succeed in applying for the patent in the state intellectual property office,and made up the blank in this line.


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  • ASC toner manufacturer briefly describe the use of toner!

    The toner cartridge of the laser printer is divided into two types, one is the drum powder integration, that is, the toner cartridge integrated with the photosensitive drum developer roller toner cartridge; There is also a separation of drum powder, and the photosensitiv...

  • Toner can be said to be the “blood” of the printer!

    Toner is an indispensable and important consumable in the work of the printer, which can be said to be the blood of the printer~ Choosing the right printer toner is crucial to our printing work! So today, printer toner manufacturers will take you to understand the knowle...

  • What are the uses of toner powder?

    Compared with inkjet printers, laser printers have the advantages of fast output speed, high definition, low noise, few faults, and cheap consumables, and have become the best choice for many small and medium-sized enterprises. However, the purchase of printers is not a ...

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ghther the latest high-quality machinery and equipment information