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As one of the biggest manufacturer and seller of office consumables,ASC has build a complete R&D and testing laboratory.And own a professional R&D team to develop new products.We successfully launched our own brands”ASC””语印””艾斯克””aisk”etc.In 2019,our new technique of “Physical method of dey color and its method”succeed in applying for the patent in the state intellectual property office,and made up the blank in this line.


ghther the latest high-quality machinery and equipment information

  • Toner Recycling Times reports.

    Regeneration Times Report/In response to the actual needs of home users and small workgroup offices, Kyocera announced the launch of PA2000/PA2000w laser printers and MA2000/MA2000w all-in-one printers, which can provide home users, personal offices and small workgroups ...

  • Toner manufacturers explain the transformation of the copier industry for you.

    The domestic copier industry started late, and its technology is seriously behind the United States, Japan and other countries. In addition, the barriers to entry into the copier industry are high. The current copier market is dominated by foreign brands, while the price...

  • Choose genuine color copier toner to print well.

    If you have high requirements on printing effect, you can directly use the new and original photosensitive drum. The original photosensitive drum not only has high printing effect, high gloss, but also has a long life. There is a certain lifespan, when the lifespan is ap...

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ghther the latest high-quality machinery and equipment information